About Us

Mission Statement

Here at fiveOtwo Softball Academy, we want to strive towards the development and growth of youth softball players in the Kentuckiana region.

We believe in putting our focus on quality, professional instruction to equip each girl that comes to us with the right tools that will take their game to a higher level.

Our instruction is centered on core fundamentals, fun, learning, and competition.

Our hope is that the young girls that come to learn from us will leave each lesson a better softball player than when they arrived.


We enjoy watching young softball players evolve and elevate their game by learning from our instruction. We take great pride in seeing the results of their hard work and dedication to this game that we love so much.


Special Thanks

"Thank you to everyone who has helped us pursue our dream. We wouldn't have been able to do it without you!"

Chris Burke
Jim Mann
Julie Mann
Mark Wolny
Mike Scherer
Zack Pitts
Ray Bronger
Mark Vaughn
David Stanley
Zak Wasserman
Brian Mills
Sue Wolny
Sandy Pearsall
Chad Butler
Jeff Culp
Nick Ratajczak
Grant Kay
Brad Hedden
Chelsea Bemis
Rachel LeCoq
Austin Dier
Chrisanna Roberts
Becky Burke
Chandra Binkley
Jarred Clarkson